Welcome to Gig Harbor Academy

The Gig Harbor Academy student journey lays the foundation for a child’s future. Gig Harbor Academy promotes a collaborative and synchronous learning environment in which teachers and students engage in a supportive academic setting. Ideal teacher student ratios and access to many outdoor learning opportunities enhance the student experience, encouraging each to develop as unique and accepted individuals. Teachers are empowered to explore new learning strategies, while students are presented with opportunities to take ownership of their journey. Empathy, stewardship and a strong sense of self are instilled in every student at GHA, where every voice is heard and every child matters.

"Teachers get you involved because they want you to succeed."

- GHA 5th Grader, 2020

"What we as parents love is that the class sizes are small which allows the teachers to teach to our individual children's needs no matter what level they are at.”

- GHA Parent, 2020 Parent Satisfaction Survey