Fifth Grade at GHA

Fifth Grade at Gig Harbor Academy is an important year for our students. GHA students graduate from elementary school with confidence and independence armed with a tool kit of academic and social emotional skills that sets them up for success and a smooth transition into middle school.

Problem solving, small group teamwork and hands-on learning activities are key to instruction for Fifth Grade students at Gig Harbor Academy. GHA teachers have created an environment where children feel comfortable and are encouraged every day to do things out of their comfort zone. Our teachers guide and facilitate learning that is personalized allowing students to fine-tune the skills and attributes needed to thrive in middle school.

The final year at GHA is a memorable one for Fifth Grade Students as they retrace the footsteps of American history in class and via virtual filed trips culminating in a capstone class trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and Washington D.C. Layer on our one-of-a-kind Music and Spanish programs along with our exceptional P.E. and Technology programs and your child will have a final year of elementary school they will never forget.

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