Gig Harbor Academy’s preschool is a fully-licensed emergent curriculum-based program. Emergent learning allows each student to learn as a result of their own doing. GHA recognizes that each child is unique and has his or her different learning styles. The program promotes developmentally appropriate practices and provides opportunities for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. Gig Harbor Academy provides an environment where children can play, inside the classroom and outside in the Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom®, develop their own ideas, formulate opinions and discover the world around them.

Preschoolers’ days are filled with a combination of activities including music, physical education and Spanish instruction.

Diana Nold

Diana Nold, Preschool Teacher
Diana Nold joined Gig Harbor Academy in the fall of 2009 as the preschool lead teacher. Throughout her over 20-year career as an Early Childhood Educator, Diana has always had a strong passion for encouraging creative thinking by building on the children’s ideas and interests. Diana’s vast experience in the field of early childhood education and development is evident in the preschool classes she leads.


Christine Nelson

Brittney Shirey, Assistant Teacher
Brittney joined GHA’s early childhood team in 2016  and brought with her over 8 years of experience working with young children. Complimenting GHA’s emergent preschool program with her kind and thoughtful approach to students, Brittney's commitment to fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment for GHA's youngest learners is evident in her daily practice.